Fat Butcher's Photosonica
North London V-tard splicing beauty to the beats


Last night’s Freestyle Records night at Cargo was a blinder. Diesler played a fantastically exuberant set and I picked out some really simple loops on the fly and overlaid two layers for each song, bold colour and sharp shapes. Nothing too distracting from the music and cut to the sections of the songs rather than scratching to the beat. Cargo’s a fantastic VJ venue as they’re not only thoroughly equipped but have a great space to work with. I’ve seen innovative use of data and slide machines, and a show I helped my mate Shaun out with once used screens made out of Farah clothing and chickenwire hung from the roof. It’s a great venue for experimenting with the medium as well as content and I’ve been involved with some of the weirdest and most exhilerating musical performances of my career there.

I really should have filmed last night for posterity, especially after my vow to shoot all my gigs from now on… Will be taking video and stills camera to Ministry tonight to make up for it.

Here’s some ident animation I did for the band using artwork sent to me by the ever-accommodating Shepdog at Freestyle Records.Fat Butcher @ Nice Up!, Big Chill House

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