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Crossover of Senses @ Ministry of Sound

Denied!CoS@MoS was the bomb!

Music was pounding and housey all night – my set was from 11 til about 6. Took time out sometime after midnight to do a quick interview with MoS-TV, which I think I bungled with panache. Should be up by next week and on here too once I’ve borrowed the tapes.

I brought some classic Warhol and Russ Meyer films to mix in later on when the music got deeper, combined with two layers of the 900+ original clips on my laptop. Never get tired of seeing the entire main bar, Box, VIP lounge and baby box all showing my work on about 30 screens! At least until Sander Kleinenberg took the stage in the Box at around 2am, then it was just the main bar/VIP lounge. I took a few minutes out from my post to check out his set at one point and was impressed at the quality of his video content. I bigged up the venue in the interview because in all honesty, MoS is the best venue for immersive A/V experience I’ve ever VJed in 3 years of performing around the world.

Big thanks to Teppo for inviting me on board and sorting out 20 guestlist places, and Ministry for maintaining a world-class audiovisual clubbing venue.


One Response to “Crossover of Senses @ Ministry of Sound”

  1. Thanks for your hard work. It was great!

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