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North London V-tard splicing beauty to the beats


A second stint at Dex is coming up this month. After the runaway popularity of January’s event, for this one the promoters say “we’re trying to keep the no.s to an acceptable level so it will be TICKETS ONLY until midnight , no guest list i’m afraid as it seems to grow of its own accord and turn into a bit of a monster.”

Tickets are available from Beamish and McGloo in Lambeth.


Jewelspit, a new name for two artists who have been creating film and visuals for over a decade, are hosting their second party at the classy Dex member’s lounge in Brixton. When I say classy I mean in an upstairs-from-Brixton-KFC kinda way.

Dex is one of those beautifully furnished old hotels restored to its finery with modern additions like a smoking terrace with hot tub and great DJing facilities. I’ve only just got all the Red Bull off my laptop from the last session so let’s hope I can set up further away from the bar this time…

To the right and the left of the screen in this film you can just about see a tasty Jewelspit light mural, a niche specialty of Nicola from Jewelspit. Promise to film it better next time Nic… Live music was provided by the excellent 20-piece ska group Top Cats, who absolutely blew my trotters off with some outstanding covers and vibrant original material. Not by Tiga & Zyntherius, as feature on the clip.

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