Fat Butcher's Photosonica
North London V-tard splicing beauty to the beats


This was one of my earliest clips which I made for the very first VJ show I worked on. It was the summer of 2005, and I spent it creating loops for a huge installation outside Tate Modern, a giant 5m diameter inflated white sphere flanked by 4000 lumens projectors and surrounded by a ring of curiously Tim Burton-esque curly shell-like speakers.

Now I’m working on a DVD of visuals with the Teppotron and will be recreating this clip as an intro to 30 minutes of ambient narrative. I was actually trying to follow a CC tutorial when I made the clip, but it was too complicated at the time (this was 3 years ago remember, when I was still in VJ nappies) and I ended up doing what I always do, blindly fumbling about with the image until something amazing emerges. This is my most downloaded clip out of everything I’ve ever stuck up online – around 9,000 downloads last time I checked. Why? Well it’s pretty simple and easily appropriated, and I suppose it’s open to interpretation – a flower, a star, a cheesy 80’s TV studio ident. It’s brief, cute and colourful. Looking back now, it’s crude and I wouldn’t use it in my shows today. If you are one of the 9,000 who’ve borrowed it, drop me a line and let me know whether it’s eating properly and in bed by 8.



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