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North London V-tard splicing beauty to the beats

Hed Kandi/Mash Up

This is the first TV ad I helped create for Ministry earlier in the year. Twisted Disco was art directed by the unflappable James Worsley at MoS-TV, and we shared animation duties using After Effects CS3 and Photoshop to prepare the layers from the original cover illustration. I animated the zip and the wink and a few other details like the girl’s hair, some sparkly accents of light, and background elements.

I was familiar with the style of the Hed Kandi graphics but never looked at them up close, and once I was zooming in at 300 per cent I realised how much skill goes into crafting designer Jason Brooks’ hyper-stylised vector babes. There are some very painterly strokes, subtle gradations and highlights which you might not notice as you pass the poster in the tube station, but without them the image would lack the zest and subtle shades that almost give it the illusion of life.

This youtube copy is of criminally bad quality and I will be replacing it with an HD upload later in the week.

Apparently this album has been selling really well, charting at 12 in the official BBC Dance Album Chart and is still shifting units weeks after release. Straight in at number 3 on the same chart is the Mash-Up Mix, another ad I assisted on (rotoscoping bits of music video for James to animate with).

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