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North London V-tard splicing beauty to the beats


Tonight was my second informal VJ social at the Big Chill Bar off Brick Lane, organised by Dr. Mo. Topics covered include:

  • the difference between a VJ and a prostitute,
  • mitigating circumstances for censorship on forums,
  • what full-time freelance really entails, and
  • schranz.

Schranz? Vj Bopa, Dr. Mo and I had never heard of this. Now that I’ve been assured by VJ Neones it’s not the same thing as trance, I’ve been moved to look it up. Schranz is apparently great for VJing to…

The familiar topic of the relevance of VJing came up and its position in the spectrum of the clubbing and concert-going experience. I brought up the debate I had with a friend this weekend about the term ‘VJ’ and its shortcomings. I’m not a jockey, I don’t ride anything – coattails, bandwagons, etc – and I don’t introduce videos on MTV (does anyone anymore??). VJ can stand for Video Journalist and “Victory over Japan.” (There can be no victory in war, peeps – yeah. Think about that. The only winning move is no move at all. Oh yes. Profundity all over your face and neck. )

Bopa suggested that the term requires more promotion and we should raise awareness of it through our work (and a concerted ‘Where’s the VJ?’ sticker campaign) rather than seek to change it (fair point, after all, Disc Jockey originally referred to Noel Edmonds and Tony Blackburn tepidly chatting between Shakin’ Stevens tracks), but I still think that while that would be great, a more evocative term is out there waiting to be coined; something that generates an instantaneous image; that sums up the act of mixing video live on location and projecting it large for the purpose of enhancing people’s enjoyment of music, proximity and atmosphere.

Your suggestions below please, cause I’m all outta lollipops.

To attend our next VJ meet, contact me or Dr. Mo and send us a showreel or something.

UPDATE: photos from the night here courtesy of Kiritan Flux.


3 Responses to “VJ INFORMAL”

  1. I’d love to help, but I’m stumped for good ideas for a new VJ term.

    how about PIMPS D-lite?

    Purveyors of Imaginative Pixellated Sensory Delight?

  2. Hmmm, if we’re doing acronyms, that could pop open a whole new can of calamity. I s’pose VJ is an abbreviation, but maybe that’s what’s wrong with it as a descriptive term.

    OK from now on I am to be considered a…

    Great Entertainer of Novel, Inventive and Uncompromising Style

  3. GENIUS!!!


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