Fat Butcher's Photosonica
North London V-tard splicing beauty to the beats


So I’m working out a set for Guerrilla Zoo’s upcoming INTERZONE event at the Inspiral Centre on the 28th of March.


A conceptual space based on the strange and seedy surreal city of ‘Interzone’, conjured into being by cult beat writer William S Burroughs while in north Moroccan city of Tangiers during the late 1940s/50s.

The event will combine live music, live art, performance art & Moroccan inspired market place selling junk, typewriters, clothes, art trinkets, words and more!

Interzone is an independent self governed stateless state. Its inhabitants are a motley mix of the down and outs, outcast, criminals, and the rich and famous from throughout the rest of the world. Built around a heaving marketplace where anything’s for sale, the city sprawls organically, mutating everyday under the actions of it’s inhabitants. The rule here is the moment, action defines the atmosphere and anything that can be dreamed can happen, if you can find the right collaborators.

Dubious refugee crews of ‘Wild Boys’, decadent artists, gun-runners, government agents criminals, artists, drug smugglers, tax-evading tycoons and beat eccentrics thread their ways about each other, amongst magikal and alien creatures, through the alleyways, cafes and bars creating unrepeatable moments of intense human theatre.

Buy your ticket to travel, pack your Passport and step into a microcosm of all the world by moonlight.

Dresscode > Misfits, gypsy, pirates, terrorists, traffickers of delusion, tribes, deviants, delinquents, steam punk, neo Victorian, mugwumps, government agents, re-occurring dream characters, cannibals, merchants of sex, time travellers, practitioners of the dark arts, people who aren’t allowed on planes…

This will be my first collaboration with the irrepressibly creative Guerrilla Zoo and I’m looking forward to trying out some new things with my newly-acquired Edirol V4 and most likely some live feed stuff… Will post some stills and video soon ahead of the night. My inspirations are going to include some architectural plans, Francis Bacon’s paintings from Tangiers in the 50s, typewriters, burning books and SketchUp models.



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