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Ministry Does Miami

CHECK IT. What, are your eyes deaf? It’s Ministry in Miami. I was brought in for two days last week to create onscreen graphics for MoS-TV’s coverage of the Miami Winter Music Conference 2008. Now that it’s snowing here in Bow at 8am it’s easier to accept that it’s winter in Florida. The style and most of the content for the screen gfx were taken from the MoS Underground Miami compilation CD, and the cruising palm trees are something I came up with when I was experimenting with ideas in my studio before I’d even been given a brief.

On an incidental note, Showgirls makes great visuals if you’re cheap or you’re throwing a warehouse party and are too busy running the joint to be manning the projector. Elizabeth Berkley, your career did NOT die in vain. Although it evidently did.


This is the scene where EB doesn’t have sex with a character (literally, there’s just the one scene). Once, very early in my career, I was doing an unpaid gig in Shoreditch and all of London transport in my area was on lockdown and I was stuck out in Forest Gate. The client texted me to say ‘never mind, we put Showgirls on instead’. I’ve never, ever missed a gig since.

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