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VJ SOCIAL – Big Chill Bar

Photos from last night’s VJ gatheration on Brick Lane organised by Dr. Mo.

Topics discussed this time around included:

  • Charging for performances, and how undercutting does nobody any favours
  • VJLondon.org, a new forum for… well, three guesses
  • The importance of VJ socials to personal and professional development
  • Upcoming VJ event to launch VJLondon.org officially

Rough plans right now are for a private performance event on the 3rd of May, hosted by me and featuring experiments and collaborations by members of the forum. As the venue is private this will not be open to anyone, only attendees of the VJ socials and people they invite. The idea is for a Warhol-style ‘happening’ at which memories are made, working relationships cemented, and creative spontaneity championed.

Thanks to Shaun of Prick Image for papping me on the street outside the Big Chill Bar:distinction.jpg

One Response to “VJ SOCIAL – Big Chill Bar”

  1. haha sweet shot 😛 looking good dude

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