Fat Butcher's Photosonica
North London V-tard splicing beauty to the beats


Burrrrrp… excuse me, just a bit of backdraught from Friday night. Video on its way.


The bands were really bizarre and banging, big beastly riffs and nasty electronic feedback. I especially liked the weirdo dress-up-and-scream-your-frackin-lungs-out collective Le Couteau Jaune who did more jumping about than playing instruments; they seemed to have most of their nutty racket pre-sequenced and had clearly spent most of their rehearsal time making costumes out of chequered shopping bags.

Everything about Interzone felt spontaneous and practised, the labrynthine market/bazaar/lounge upstairs, the bands, the costumes, the dancing doctor and nurse who oiled my armpits and listened to my heart, the hippies swinging glowing balls around and toking by the fire exit. The place was really busy and everyone seemed to be having a great time, you could smell great ethnic food, spray paint, incense and sawdust, and the atmosphere was very festival-like, with downstairs filling up as the bands eased into their sets and tore the place up.

As a venue, the Synergy Project had a rough and ready feel to it, an out-of-the-way big solid space with endless potential, a bit like my warehouse. I was excited to debut some new material; snapping dogs, hi-speed footage, close-ups of keys and cameras, more vicious Pussycats, some old films about hopscotch and some new graphic bubble/soundwave animations I made for a club DVD last month. Thanks to StealthSystems and OpticFibre for setting up the projectors and taking over the visuals after me, and thanks to Guerrilla Zoo for staging such a bonkers all-nighter – nice work fellas.


Video coming in T minus 5… 4….


  1. It was an amazing night – definitely bonkers – you can see my photos from the photo booth here: http://polstar-photography.smugmug.com/gallery/4615610_kUxB2#272292601

  2. Thanks for the link, those photos are fantastic! The quality of your work more than makes up for the fact that you didn’t try to rickroll me even though it’s April 1st.

  3. thank you … :))))
    don’t … my students have been playing tricks on me all day so I’ve been hitting them with my water pistol! hurrah!

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