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IMMERSION – aftermath

IMMERSION at the FleaPit was quite the mind-wringer. I enjoyed myself immensely although there was some adrenalin rush before I went on, unlike anything I’ve felt for a long time, as it felt like everybody was scrutinising my timing. I think I pulled it off.

I played a stripped-down set, snapping between sets of 6 clips so that only one filled the frame at a time, but fastidiously synched by hand to the music. I only used green, bluey-green and yellow clips, and a few white ones I usually use as masks, to match 0>1’s minimal, sculpted percussive soundscapes. I felt kind of self-conscious being the only person not using automated sound-reactive technology at an electroaccoustic gig but it seemed to work. Dave Griffith’s generative abstract work was perfect for the setting and the sounds, and Dr. Mo’s tinted and slowed-down footage shot from car windows seemed appropriate and looked pretty cool too. Pixelpusher, who brought everybody together tonight, used an elaborate-looking rig to create a very sharp and simple set of coloured soundwave patterns on a horizontal plane, like a really lush and baroque graphic equaliser.

Afterwards I checked out Shaun’s gig at Aquarium in Old Street. Great venue, shame when those venues want to pay for visuals but aren’t prepared to keep excess light off the screens! Sadly the pool wasn’t open so this morning’s bikini wax was in vain.

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