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AV Social – Tate Britain

Friday’s AV Social at Tate Britain was pretty special. Highlights for me were the ‘live action’ visuals – live video feeds of the silhouette of a potted plant’s leaves as it revolved on a turntable, overlaid with a live feed of back-lit flour gently sifting past a camera lens, and on the opposite wall live feed of a mobile made from paper silhouettes of statues, chromatically inverted so the shapes stood out in white. There was music generated by chopsticks, live sets, projected short films, excellent combination of slide and data projectors, laptop DJing and the building was packed out.

The live performances seemed limited in scope; downtempo music all from the same DJ, projected on a large stand-alone screen behind the performers under the museum’s lights, but demonstrated some impressive video and audio-generated work. A variety of music in a much darker room might have showcased the VJing a little more vividly.

The event lived up to its name though, as I caught up with dozens of friends and faces from the scene and developed the LondonVJ.org launch party plan a bit further with some of the vj meet-up regulars. It was a superb night, well put-together and executed with class in a phenomenal venue.

Tate Britain

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