Fat Butcher's Photosonica
North London V-tard splicing beauty to the beats


Thanks for the kicks up the arse regarding new posts I have received over the last two weeks via text, email, phone, and on the exceptional occasions I’ve left the house to ruddy myself in the sun, face to face

The following images are part of a project in development that’s so secret, if I told you about it I could have my wrist slapped to fuck and back. These started off as studies into depth, texture and symmetry in moving lines until a theme developed and grew teeth and chewed its way out of my laptop. Michel Gagné and Oskar Fischinger were influential sources of inspiration, as well as a touch of William Blake’s cheese nightmares and Gerald Scarfe’s exquisite pen ‘n’ ink cross-hatching. Also if you remember magazines from the 80’s you’ll cherish the layout of this post. Fast, Fast, Forward, Forward! Fast Forwaaard, yeah.

Click each one if you’re into that sort of thing.

untitled, ongoinguntitled, ongoinguntitled, ongoinguntitled, ongoinguntitled, ongoinguntitled, ongoing

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