Fat Butcher's Photosonica
North London V-tard splicing beauty to the beats


Exciting news about lost portions of Fritz Lang’s landmark film Metropolis turning up in Argentina. This was the first film I started taking images and shots from when I began VJing and occasionally Maria and her gynoid doppelganger turn up at shows like Bassline and Interzone.

Metropolis has to be seen to be believed – it’s framed and paced like a graphic novel, with clever effects and animation integrated subtly into the print to create a believeable and prophetic dystopia. Like all dystopias the power to change is in the hands of the proletariat – but will they realise that and take back the power? Or will they permit themselves to be manipulated by an artificial beauty and continue sacrificing their lives to fund the party lifestyles of the rich few?

I’ve searched around and according to Obsessed with Film the refurbished original cut will be available on Blu Ray in 2009. Here are some screen grabs from the found segments courtesy of AICN, which apparently reveal a new character and tidy up some of the plot’s loose ends:

And below are some grabs from my VJ archives. The film is perfect for visuals because it’s so beautifully photographed in the German Expressionist style with bold shadow and isolated action, meaning it mixes well against negative space – plus the print has cute rounded edges. Aw, cuddles, c’mere… rrrrr.


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