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Resolume Avenue 3.0 Release Imminent

screengrab of Resolume Avenue 3

screengrab of Resolume Avenue 3

Details of Resolume Avenue 3 features are hatching out of this site like flying ants in a London heatwave. Resolume is a brilliant software package for triggering live visuals; a bit dense and dry to the uninitiated but very practical and visual once you’re accustomed to the interface. The most exciting feature for me has to be that Avenue is written using cross-platform technologies like openGL and a cross-platform programming language c/c++, so it finally runs on the Mac – everything else is a bonus. No more rebooting in Windows, no more self-congratulatory anti-virus proclamations (yeah, you blocked a pop-up, but you announced it via a whole string of NOISY pop-ups… ), no more unexplained crashing and driver re-installing!

Where where we? Oh yeah. I can see the video mapping capabilities, for mapping the output image to a specified terrain or shape, the multi-screen and the sound-output features getting a caning from me when I snap this software up once I’m back from next weekend’s Big Chill 2008.

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