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North London V-tard splicing beauty to the beats


A group of VJLondon.org members got together at mine last night to pool our mad skillz and collaborate on some high-speed footage in the infamous back room of my warehouse. DeepVisual’s Gary brought along a carful of black bags, blue paper and extendable metal which opened out into a fully equipped studio…

We were joined by the tirelessly energetic dancer Ilona, who until recently was my neighbour down on Sugarhouse Lane. She’s not just a pretty face either; she’s currently remixing new material from the Dandy Warhols at their studios and working on her debut album. We were shooting against a bluescreen colorama at 60fps with the intention of slowing the footage down to 120fps, so needed a lot of light and some interesting subjects.

Things got violent when I took a hammer first to a plaster bust I’ve been wanting to pound into smithereens for some time, and then a TV that’s been cluttering up our back room for about 8 months. Then another TV.

It was pretty cathartic whacking the living fuck out of things but we had more shots to do involving plastic pigment sample chips, stuffed toys, fishing line and lots of fiddling with lights. The digital footage will be graded and distributed in the next week or so and then the fun starts as we get to see what visuals everyone creates with the same source footage. Having been simmering my own little pot of anti-television sentiment for some time it’s great to see other VJs share my resentment of society’s favourite licensed sedative. Let the ambient political stand commence! Thanks to Mowgli and DeepVisual for supplying beer and equipment, to Ilona for the sick moves and glaucoma-inducing outfit changes, Prick Image for his ideas, enthusiasm and paint chips, and Neones and Trotula for rocking up late and smashing the second TV. Big shout out to the Pie Crust on Stratford High Street for the world-class Thai catering.

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