Fat Butcher's Photosonica
North London V-tard splicing beauty to the beats

We, Like You @ 93 Feet East

Saturday 20th September, 93 Feet East, Brick Lane. The Bays, Annie Nightingale, Gary Nock Band, live PA’s featuring an original live VJ set by Fat Butcher. DnB, breakbeat, 7pm-1am.

We, Like You

We, Like You

2 Responses to “We, Like You @ 93 Feet East”

  1. May well be going along to this.
    Great blog – bumped into you more than once as part of the guardian.co.uk comment army.

  2. cool, see you there

    you can usually tell how much coffee I’ve had, to the decimal sip, from my writing style on newspaper comment forums. If it’s all in CAPS it means I’m on my first cup. No posts at all means we’re down to instant and I’ve stropped out to the shops in a morning huff. And if I’ve just downed two cafetieres of columbian grade 5, it’s all in consonants and goes on for several distressing pages.

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