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We, Like You / Sound on Vision

Another busy weekend, punctuated with meaningless snacks.

I got really lost in the Bays, who kicked off a breathless hour-long jam, segueing nimbly between songs without hesitation on Saturday night for Production London’s first We, Like You night at 93 Feet East, which brings big names in breakbeat, dnb and electro to intimate spaces. I had no idea how they were going to sound until they started, because, as they pointed out to the audience prior to starting, the band don’t record or release any of their music. They just play live. I spent their set selecting the right mix of stunned and lovely images, complementing the insistent electronic beat and cutting to the bass without a rest as riffs and melodies drifted into the mosh pit. Annie Nightingale was next and kept an excitable crowd dancing to joints from her breakbeat box into the morning, leaving us wanting more like the saucy little tease she is. The night had begun somewhat incongruously with the Gary Nock Band, whose set was a folky, indie treat but a peculiar appetiser for the harder, upbeat acts to follow – have a listen and tell me I’m wrong.

Sound On Vision followed on Sunday afternoon, an all-day opportunity for members of VJlondon.org to perform new work, collaborate, socialise and compete in the recently opened upstairs galleries at Vibe Bar. Ably facilitated by Mowgli and featuring minimal house/techno/electronica DJs Silverio Funk and Darien J, SoV took in sets by Prick Image, Subpixel, myself, and a very special VJ battle between Neones and Trotula, in which they released their pent-up couples’ aggression onscreen in a vile and vicious stream of grotty, witty, dirty and dystopic images to their DJ Subpatch’s stripped-bare techno. It was a sociable occasion and permitted those involved the freedom to perform without restrictions, as we were all involved in planning, publicising, setting up and making technical decisions about the layout on the night. We all had questions for each other about software, technique, style and content. I got asked about where I get all my material (I make it, innit), how I animate (after effects, flash), what filters I use live (none, you can’t improve visually weak material with effects), and how I synch (mostly manually, using my ears more than the laptop’s microphone). Everybody rose to the occasion; we got through several potential disasters with teamwork, fresh, interesting material and generative techniques were unveiled, and the next one is going to be a big step up, hopefully featuring the guerrilla projection stunt that Prick Image and I have been developing over the last few months…

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