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KOKO + 333

It’s another busy weekend for the Butcher…

Club NME beefs up its impact with live Fat Butcher visuals tomorrow (Friday 24th)… from the Koko site

Playing this week we have Tellison and Kinkane. Upstairs The Lovely Jonjo (Durrr) presents The On & Up Room playing sweaty electro music alongside special guest Harry James (Snap Crackle n Pop). The middle room hosts Brainlove Records showcasing their own take on indie.

And on Saturday the mince hits the fan at 333:

UPDATE : 27/10/08

Well somehow I survived the weekend with hearing still intact, so thanks to Kristina and Alex at Koko for the beers on ice and for a great night of mainstream indie. The Automatic were pretty explosive live, delivering a tight, authoritative set that had the hits in the right places, and the Ask? brothers sent the strobe lights into hyperdrive with their massive club-DJ-duo sound. The DJ skimmed and served the best of indie rock and electro from the last year or so, including LCD Soundsytem, MIA, Pigeon Detectives, Arctics, Gorillaz, Soulwax and I think some Ladyhawke. I took some footage but will be working hard on the V&A show this week so it’ll be up when it’s up.

Also thanks to Neil at Production London for an impressive line-up at Spook, including Radio 1’s Fabio, Utah Jazz and Barney Logic. There was some brilliant MCing from MC Fats and MC Darrison, who are also sound blokes and kept the party going in the Mother Bar through a catfight and a grumpy amp. You know the night is a success when you find yourself worrying that all your equipment’s going to get pulverised in the throng. The floor was bending, it was mash-up, guy.

2 Responses to “KOKO + 333”

  1. Hey,
    I wanted to come over last night and say what a difference your visuals made to the night. I really enjoyed them alot.

    I would have come over but some joker threw beer and took down a deck, which left me rather distracted! By the time I remembered again, it was 3am and you’d upped sticks.

    See you next week, when I shall come say hello. Sterling work, sir!


  2. Fanks Mr Four

    It was a beer-slinging kinda night. Someone came up to ask me if I could play OutKast’s Hey Ya. This was in the middle of Fabio’s dnb set, naturally. So I see your idiot and I raise you a bonehead.

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