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I don’t normally go down and mosh at Koko but the bands were so feckin good on Friday I practically had no choice. Even when the drummer of White Man Kamikaze threw one of his sticks into the crowd and it thwacked me in the leg (lucky I took that step back as I saw it arc through the air in slo-mo) I was electrified by their cocky swagger and enormous, damaging guitar sound.

They were followed by headliners Joe Gideon & The Shark, my new favourite bluesy bang-n-twang duo. He with three guitars with various pedals, and vocals, she on drums with keyboard, sequencer and mic. Equally swaggery and bold as the previous band, and again had me nodding in the crowd and snatching mementoes:

Joe Gideon & The Shark

I went up to thank them for a great show after – but mainly to see if he was Christian Bale with a moustache. He wasn’t, but only just.


As for Be, it’s still going gangbustaz despite SOME HEADLINES LAST WEEK. An absolutely ear-infecting set from the C90’s, which I’m currently trying to put back together on Spotify – unsuccessfully as they don’t have this truly moving shed-a-tear-while-you-throw-some-shapes version of Paris by Friedly Fires, and air-shredding material from Attack Switch Attack and Detachments, who need to create their visuals at a higher res if they’re going to bring them to a classy venue like Proud…

Currently working on a set composed of 1920’s to 1930’s style art deco, Modernist and abstract graphic elements, inspired by the dawn of cinema, as well as a show for the Matrox Triple Head 2 Go set-up based on the life and work of Francis Bacon.

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