Fat Butcher's Photosonica
North London V-tard splicing beauty to the beats


This weekend Fat Butcher is flying the channel to perform at Contre-Temps in Strasbourg. Last time I went there it was by coach for a school trip. All we learned was that cigarettes and beer make teacher sad. So I have every confidence that this trip will be an improvement on that…


Feels like it’s going to be a bit like BLOC 09 with a greater diversity of artistic performance. Dub, electronica, drum n bass, and plenty of cinematic and video showings.

Be was awesome last night, thanks for asking. My Toys Like Me were back with their uniquely fierce frontwoman, Man Like Me brought the frigging house down and gave us the best tromboning we’ve ever had. We Have Band’s DJ set ended with some phenomenally well-timed cheese – Whitney’s I Wanna Dance With Somebody sounded better than ever with elaborate Busby Berkely routines projected above the stage.


My four days in Strasbourg were incredible. It’s a beautiful city with all the space and peace that Londoners can only dream about when they eat French cheese, and the festival is a cultural hand grenade for the area, with Britain well represented – an exhibition of British designer Swifty’s work was the highlight of this years’ visual arts events. I got talking to locals who said they looked forward to Contre-Temps all year because it was the city’s only music/arts/street golf (srsly!) festival for young people (CT is now in its 6th year and going strong). During my stay I performed alongside DJs Aroop Roy from Tokyo, Âme from Karslruhe in Germany, Cam from Paris, and the astounding Yarah Bravo, who when I tried to place her accent told me ‘It’s unplaceable! I don’t believe in boundaries.’ Basically she’s from everywhere, Brooklyn, Berlin, Brazil, London… and her sound effectively reflects that fluid sense of place and culture. She and her DJ Vadim performed an explosive set of hiphoptronica, with Yarah’s flows pelting out into the front row like shrapnel. My visuals seemed to get a good response; I tried out one of the Plinth animations, mixing it with the white radio waves at the start of Faster, Pussycat, Kill, Kill! and discovered it’s a killer combination for dirty hiphop.


This is Yarah Bravo, check her out here. Thanks again to Melanie, Énora and Anika for showing me around and making me feel at home ;0) and to Stefan for organising and running one of the best arts festivals in Europe.

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