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North London V-tard splicing beauty to the beats


Last year I was on the train down to Glastonbury and got chatting to the petite brunette sat next to me with the sexpot snakeskin boots. That lady turned out to be Kim Lone, an idiosyncratic performer from Austria who tours Europe with her band singing burlesque, gypsy cabaret songs she writes about love, men, regrets, sex and the bittersweet reality of being a sinner with a conscience.

kim 3So jump forward 11 months and we’re meeting up in Stoke Newington graveyard and devising a show for Glastonbury 2009. Kim did a shoot for her latest album in this graveyard, playing the ravishing-widow-at-a-beautifully-art-directed-funeral role.

We’re playing two shows in the Shangri-La field, one on the Dada stage on Friday evening, and then at the Snakepit on Sunday afternoon. There will be outrageous costumery, cabaret/burlesque audacity, and projected visual eccentricity. And then Blur afterwards! ACTUAL BLUR.

Are you going this year? Get in touch. The weather forecast is… mostly… good. Mostly.

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