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North London V-tard splicing beauty to the beats


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MOTH were booked to perform a new video grafitti set at the BLOC Weekend down at the Butlins resort in Minehead earlier this month.

We popped the lid on an original collection of scuttling characters created in Photoshop and After Effects. Currently debating over whether to call this set INFESTival or Jamjar Cinema. Unless you can think of something better…?

Thanks to Pikilipita, Giula Robbiani, Barry Gene Murphy, Slauka, and Kate Risker for making it a winner weekend.


My mate Bloiffy just posted this on faece-book. This is what all clubs are going to look like after the West collapses.



Had to share…

My Scopitones DVD purchases simply can’t get here fast enough.

Scopitone manufactured jukeboxes which played music videos on 16mm film in the 50’s and 60’s. Like all AV technology platforms, its development and initial marketing was driven by the demand for Adult Material. Its popularity had waned by the end of the 60’s, and they died out before anyone could think of using them to broadcast the Osborne family treading dog crap into their carpets and swearing.

Now that we can all watch Saddam being hanged on our phones on a thumbnail-sized screen while riding the tube, this sort of primitive music promo broadcasting technology looks… almost preferable.


aphextwinhecker2009Rolled in from sunny Butlins yesterday with an itchy chin from shaving in the Miami Vice porn ‘stache for Sunday night antics, tired eyes and sore shoulders (we need lighter batteries – if you’re reading this and you manufacture feather-light solid-state motorbike batteries, ring me now). Aphex Twin & Hecker had the crowd nibbling out of their fingers from the first beat on Saturday night, delivering a flawless set that drove light-speed rhythms through your soft tissues. The visuals veered from the sort of creepy facial distortion and sinister animalia you might expect for an afx show to rather shoddy, low-quality generica, but were obliterated by the amazing performer onstage; a girl laden down with speakers and screens until she was all but obscured by what must have been incredibly heavy AV stock. She appeared through the lasers and smoke and proceeded through the crowd, carrying the sound with her. There was a small child at the back of the stage dressed as Superman, but nobody else I talked to seems to remember that so maybe that was just an early figment of my senility.

Aphex Twin & Hecker BLOC 2009

Skream & Benga also came up with the goods; Midnight Request Line and In It For The Kill both sending the crowd into squealing euphorics – they sound great on your home speakers, but so much better when making your sternum rattle in the dark of a heaving throng. My chalet-mates Pikilipita, Julia and Prickimage took care of visual duties – footage here – both looking fantastic on the 4-screen set-up; three circular, one rectangle.

The first festival where I didn’t suffer ringing ears without plugs in… good accoustics, good cover from the elements, but not so much with having drinks taken off you every time you go in or out of a venue, not so much with organisation (when we got there it was as if they’d had no idea that 5,000 people with luggage were going to show up two coachloads at a time wanting to dump their stuff in a chalet and join the party, and queues were hectic, confused and interminable… ), but otherwise an excellent choice of venue for a brilliant lineup at a storming festival.

We took MOTH’s new swarm of hopped-up bugs all around the central Skyline venue and outside to mingle with the smokers and tokers…



An original series of animated insects, mantids, caterpillars and water beetles that we plan to take to more festivals over the summer. We had them crawling over the ceiling, flying round support beams and jamming in the shadows on Friday and Saturday night, riffing on the fancy dress theme and getting some enthusiastic feedback from wasted wellwishers and fello v-tards. Thanks to Kate for booking us, and to Ken for letting me blag dubstep DJ Slauka into Aphex without an all-access pass. See you all next year, don’t forget the bug powder ;0)

jamjar cinema

it was acceptable in the eighties.


Be have a new website up, complete with a media section featuring footage of some of the live performers they’ve showcased over the last couple of years. When the bands play, I project their name behind them, masking over rhythmic visuals with bold typography, which is what you can see at the back of the stage in these vids. My favourite bands so far at Be include We Are Wolves (storming authentic punk energy with none of the posturing) Cats In Paris (whimsical electrofolk balladry coloured in with felt tip) and Still Flyin’ (watch your backs, Arcade Fire). Last night’s acts Post War Years and David Sugar absolutely destroyed the place too; check the Be media page next week to see what I mean.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Spent a week or so in the MoS-TV offices with a talented team working on post production for Show Me Love.

More Koko (Club NME) and Proud Galleries (Be) coming up, as well as a stint at the BLOC Weekender next month… Looking forward to producing some wireless light stains for Aphex Twin, Green Velvet, Beardyman, Skream, Rob Da Bank, Plastician and Emptyset – see the full lineup for more.

BLOC 2009


This weekend brings my last performance at Be (Proud Galleries), for a few weeks. It’s been a brilliant month-long residency featuring some outstanding new bands (last week’s Wave Machines, and the week before’s Flyin’ High, are destined for a big 2009). Norwegian electropop minx Annie‘s DJ set for Be’s low-key birthday event delighted with a mix of rather heavy housey electro, and just the right amount of Ladyhawke.

i.e: some.

I’m back at Club NME at Koko, which keeps the rock and indie heavy hitters coming apace, this friday, and then it’s into the new North London studio for some mo-graf work.

Speaking of mo’s, I have to bugger off now to lend Dr. Mo my V4 for tonight’s Electrovision @ Café 1001 off Brick Lane. Get there by 7 if you have a hankering for the following:

7:45-8:30  inputJunkie & dr.mo
8:30-9:00  The Beaufort Scale
9:00-10:00 PIKILIPITA 4
10:00-end  nebulus & ten tom Atom



Cafe 1001 was pretty buzzing for a Monday night in January when Dr. Mo‘s occasional live AV night Electrovision set up shop in the back bar on the 12th. I grabbed a few words each with video lovelies neones, Bopa, Oli Sorenson, Pikilpita, Prickimage, Kodek, Mowgli, Subpixel, and DJ Silverio Funk in between some accomplished live AV performances by Mo himself, *spark, Fade In Fade Out and Mowgli. Footage should be up on Mo’s Vimeo channel imminently.

As usual, a sociable night with some of the most interesting and prolific live video artists in the city mixing with new faces and cooking up new collaborations. Of the full-time AV artists I spoke to, none seemed too perturbed by current economic events as far as work is concerned. It could be that the best parties happen while Rome burns.

This week I took my scissors to Ken Loach’s Poor Cow (excellent, moving and surprising) and Mary Harron’s The Notorious Betty Page (it would appear they don’t know anything about her at all other than she stripped and jiggled – “it ain’t hurtin’ nobadeh so wuss the harm in thay-et?”) for Be @ Proud, which was the Guardian’s number 1 pick of the clubs this week. See you there this Saturday at the Horse Hospital in Camden, or at Koko on Friday for Club NME…


Photos are now up from Streetlight, the outdoor wireless roaming projection event created and performed by MOTH, here if you wan’ see. Footage to follow… the feedback from participants was 100% positive, representatives from Kensington and Chelsea seemed happy and we’ll definitely work with Up Projects again.

Following a killer night of burlesque bawdiness and frisky risqué video projection on the cobbles in late ’08, I’ve been asked to perform at every BE at Proud Galleries this month so clop along to the Horse Hospital in Camden any Saturday in January to hear hot live bands and DJ’s exuding New Wave, electro, glam, disco and indie, and catch the fresh video chips and splinters I chiseled off over the holidays. Also Club NME @ Koko keeps rolling on unchallenged and I’ll be there Fridays 9th, 16th and 23rd to decorate the walls with my brains.

Wishing everyone a prosperous 2009, free of repossession, debt, bankruptcy, insolvency, tears and pulling your pockets inside-out and then shrugging. Oh and if you’re an artist in any medium and you’re not a subscriber to a-n, fer chrissakes get on it.


If MOTH somehow slipped under your radar over the last few months, here’s a chance to see it in full flight. On Saturday we’re performing a live preview show of Streetlight along the West Way, bringing video graffiti to the concrete edifices of Ladbroke Grove.

The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea commissioned a performance from MOTH back in October with the only stipulation that it should be around the West Way area. Ably assisted by the lovely people at UP Projects, we’ve created a participatory lightshow featuring narratives from local people, spraying video graffiti over the streets and structures where their stories took place. From a first kiss on Golborne Bridge to the BASE jumper who turned the Trellick Tower into his gravestone, true tales get the MOTH treatment in an hour of hi-def digital street art like nothing you’ve seen before.